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Terms of Airport Parking Manchester

Airport Parking Manchester terms and conditions for Parking

This is a formal document containing commercial terms (the "Terms and Conditions"). Statutory rights of the consumer are unaffected. These booking terms and conditions are regulated by English law and subject to the exclusive authority of English courts. If any of these terms or a portion of a term is found to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, such terms will be changed to the degree required to make it/them valid, permitted, and actionable. If such a change is not feasible, the pertinent provision or part-provision is considered to be deleted. Any such change or deletion of a term or portion of a term shall have no effect on the legality and enforceability of the remaining terms.

  • Airport Parking Manchester is referred to as the "company." (a company registered in England with number 0000002).
  • The term "customer" alludes to the person or people who use or intend to use the company's services.
  • The "service provider" is the operator of the highlighted parking lots for which the business works as a booking agent.
  • The "booking" pertains to the particular service(s) that the customer has bought.
  • The "departure date" is the date of the outgoing or outward flight.
  • "Onsite products" allude to those products that are explicitly identified as onsite goods on the company's website http://airportparkingmanchesterltd.co.uk/
  • Bookings made through the company's website are considered complete once a ticket reference number is given. When the reservation reference number is given, all Terms and Conditions are assumed to have been approved.
  • When a phone booking is verified by the company's phone representative, it is considered definitive and finalized. Once the booking confirmation is given, all terms and conditions are considered to have been approved.
  • The business retains the right to refuse or cancel a booking. A booking does not ensure a spot, and the company might cancel a booking if the service provider informs the company that it is unable to complete an appointment. In these cases, a refund will be issued, but the business takes no liability for any resulting loss or losses.
  • It is the customer's obligation to provide a legitimate contact number and email address when placing a reservation.
  • All services are based on their availability.
The Company's Liability
  • These Terms and Conditions are restricted to straight bookings made through this website. Bookings made through a third party websites are in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined on that website.
  • The business only works as a booking agent for the listed car parks service supplier. It does not offer the services itself. The client will enter into a deal with the service provider and will be bound by the terms and conditions of the service provider. The service supplier can provide you with the full terms and conditions.
  • As a scheduling representative for the service provider, the company is only responsible to the client for losses immediately resulting from the company's carelessness in completing an appointment. Any claims made by the customer related to the delivery of vehicle parking services must be made against the service provider and are subject to the service provider's terms and conditions.